B.S. Kressin


Many people ask me what inspired me to write a book. Entertainment and an active imagination come to mind. It all started years ago with bedtime stories I read to my children and their friends. Every time I attempted to read to them I would never finish the story. Instead I made-up different endings to suit my over active imagination. Finally, I just decided to stop reading bedtime stories all together. Instead, I made-up my own stories, which the kids thoroughly enjoyed. With time small stories became large stories and large stories became books.

My writings are a mishmash of medical knowledge, imagination, things that gross out the average adult, and a desire to share imaginary adventures. Some close friends say if it wasn’t for an ability to express myself through writing my head would certainly explode. I agree. Hopefully I will jump start the imaginations of my readers. My favorite writing times are between 2am and 4am; I believe this is when my imagination is at its most heightened level. I am not the daytime Starbucks kind of writer.

In an ever shrinking world I see people constantly engrossed in their cell phones, looking for acceptance in the E-world. I hope to inspire them to take a break; converse with people around them and enjoy the company of the person sitting next to them. Read a book today. It may motivate or energize you to do something creative tomorrow.

B.S.Kressin believes that his greatest gifts are his imagination and creativity. He attended the University of Maryland when he was accepted for early admission to the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (OCPM), where he received a doctorate degree four years later and went into private practice. He enjoys merging his medical knowledge with his ability to think outside the box to create fictional stories that keep his readers on their toes.

When he isn't writing, Brian enjoys hiking in Colorado, baseball, the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and time spent with family. Brian and his wife live in Clarksville, Maryland, and have three grown children and a feisty dog with a bent right ear.